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Our Practice Experience

We represent a broad array of businesses and high net worth individuals located both in the United States and abroad.  We have clients with offices in Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Toronto, London, St. Petersburg, Abu Dhabi, Zurich and Tokyo.  We work with lawyers around the world handling the legal issues which arise for our clients, wherever they may be located.

We are the attorneys for several prominent New York and international high net worth individuals.  We handle their various personal legal matters which include property, estate and tax management and general legal advice. 

We have represented numerous money transmitters over the years ranging from small start-up companies to large multi-state money transmitters.   These representations involve every aspect of their business from initial corporate registrations, to state licensing and federal registration, to corporate contracts and commercial litigation, to eventual sale of the business to private equity groups.

We have litigated a wide array of corporate, commercial and personal matters, including state and federal litigation in New York and other states.  We have aggressively defended federal asset forfeiture proceedings as well.  These matters have ranged from co-operative apartment litigation to complex federal securities matters.  We are capable of handling almost any state or federal litigation that may arise and can do so at a cost well below most other law firms in New York City.

We have organized and represented several not-for-profit charitable institutions whose projects range from supporting organizations for cultural institutions in St. Petersburg, Russia, to the restoration of ancient art work in Italy and Greece, to organizing and acting as benefactor of an annual international music competition headquartered in Europe, to the development of sports nutrition sciences.

We generally charge for services rendered based on our standard hourly time charges for attorneys, law clerks and paralegals plus all out of pocket costs, expenses and fees in a matter.  Each new client will receive a written retainer agreement specifically outlining the representation and charges.  Time charges are subject to change periodically, but in such event we will notify you of changes.  Occasionally, we will entertain requests for different billing arrangements such as fixed fees or contingencies, but this is not how we normally work on matters. Moreover, during the course of our representation of you, you will have a clear understanding of the work we are performing, as we render detailed statements on a monthly basis setting forth the legal services performed during the period and the out of pocket costs and disbursements incurred by the firm such as computer assisted research, copying, postage, messenger and courier services, long distance telephone and fax.